Judy Kunkle - Artist

Judy Kunkle

Multimedia artist primarily working in glass

such as fused, mosaic and assemblage.

About Judy

Judy Kunkle’s artistic talent was recognized early on by her grandmother Emily, a regionally famous portrait artist who taught Judy to draw and bought her art supplies for gifts. As Judy’s mentor, her grandmother encouraged her to explore different mediums. That is when she discovered her love of glass arts which continues to this day.

Knowing she wanted to be a professional artist, after high school Judy enrolled in the Fine Arts program at West Valley College in Saratoga, California where she earned an AA degree in 1982. Shortly after she earned a Graphic Design degree from Mission College in Santa Clara, CA. Judy immediately went to work as a Graphic Designer for a print production house which helped her realize she had more to explore so she studied sculpture and painting at San Jose State University’s prestigious Fine Art program. 

Getting married and having two children did not stop Judy from continuing to discover and practice her art. She studied portrait painting and practiced on all her family and friends. Then an artist friend introduced her to stain glass and as a thoughtful birthday gift her husband signed her up for a class and bought her stain glass equipment which brought her right back to her first love…glass. Since then Judy has experimenting with glass in all its forms. 

When she move to Portland, OR she started using recycled materials in her art including painting, mosaics, fused glass, found objects and assemblage art. She’s always tried to create art out of unexpected items which lends itself to recycled or upcycled art. Upcycled art is challenging. It required great imagination, cleverness and skill as well as persistence, patience and passion. It draws in a fresh new audience that is not particularly interested in traditional art. 

Judy is now committed to upcycled art because it is intriguing; people connect with the materials in a personal way. A wine bottle here, an old window or cabinet door there. Judy has come full circle and now finds great joy in creating art out of found objects giving a new definition of value to the final product.

Judy Kunkle's Grandma Emily

Judy Kunkle's Grandma Emily

New Works of Art

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Always exploring, Judy is revisioning the use of vinyl records. She paints one side to create art for your walls.

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Sliding Door with Glass Flower Window

Judy has done several commissioned pieces and her clients can't say enough good things about the experience.