Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Where can I buy Judy’s Art?

A. You can purchase Judy’s Art online from her Etsy site or visit Grizzly Ridge Upcycle, a wonderful store in Sisters OR. 

Visit Judy's Etsy Store

Q. Does Judy do commissioned art?

Yes. She loves to create original pieces specific to her clients needs. Just contact her through this site and she'll be happy to discuss your needs.

Contact Form

Q. Does Judy participate in any festivals or art shows?

 A. Yes. Judy does several art shows each year. Check the calendar for upcoming events.

Calendar of Events

Q. Can the mosaic windows stand up to the elements outside?

A. The mosaic windows can be displayed indoors or in a protected outdoor setting such as a covered patio.

Q. Can the whimsical garden stakes stay outside through all seasons?

A. In order to prolong the life of the whimsical garden stake it is best to store out of the elements through the winter months.