Red Flower Glass on Glass Mosaic Window

Barn Door Window


I asked Judy to make a few glass window pieces for me, each time the artwork she created surpassed my vision. She has such a creative eye (and ear), she really cares about her clients.  

— Teresa Thompson 



To All Art and Beauty Lovers

I think we first became aware of Judy’s desire to create something special when she told us about something called “found art creations”. I think it had to do with people taking everyday objects and media and putting them together to create something interesting and beautiful. She told us about the direction she was choosing, using old windows and glass to create a new picture to view.

When we first saw some of her windows, we were amazed at the scope of her vision and creative ways she used to accomplish her designs. I (Chuck) had drawn and painted pictures myself and I was amazed at how Judy’s art created still life vignettes, landscapes and even fiction designs of improbable settings. 

Our first window was a gift to Delores on her 60th birthday. It is of a red rose, Delores’s favorite flower, in the midst of a stained-glass design. It hangs in our office.

We introduced our relatives and friends to Judy’s art though her website. A niece and nephew especially loved a window design featuring a pouring wine bottle. We commissioned it as a gift for them and Judy created “Aimee’s Cascade”, an even more detailed window featuring the pouring wine bottle. They were thrilled and it is the focal point of their home wine bar. 

In honor of Chuck’s retirement, Judy created a window she calls “Chuck’s Garden”. This window is especially meaningful for us as it is a window that came from our house from a remodeling project. We gave it to Judy, not knowing it would return as a wonderful gift. It hangs in our front window and catches the first rays of the sun all year round.

The thing about Judy’s art, it moves you to feel something. You never tire of looking at it, and it always fresh, whimsical and interesting.

We are constantly amazed by Judy’s ability to create beauty. Each new piece surpasses the last. We look forward to what she will do next and hope to be able to collect another piece or two!

 — Chuck & Delores H.